“I love this site!  You are making my meal choices so much easier. I look forward to seeing your future posts.” — Erica, NJ

“I’m all about health and fitness, and eating right is a huge part of that. Your recipes are right on the money. I’ve tried a few and think they’re great. Thanks!” — Tom, FL

“Wish I had all this information with my first pregnancy.  Your recipes are delicious and so simple. Thank you!” — Caitlyn, CT

FYI: my aunt and uncle made your peach pork chops tonight. My entire family is obsessed with you.” — Nadine, Rich, Erica and Michael, NJ

“I stumbled across your site while looking for recipes. I was going to leave thinking it was only for pregnant women, but you have amazing recipes. I made your ratatouille recipe for a dinner party, and it was amazing!  Definitely easy and delicious. I’m going to keep following you.” — Greg, NY

“I got diagnosed with high blood pressure when I turned 30 right in the middle of wedding planning, getting my masters degree, and working the night shift (My stress level was off the roof and so were my eating habits) Someone I admire a lot professionally and as a person steered me the right way as I was searching for the best way to fix my eating habits. I also wanted to prep my body for motherhood and I will forever be thankful for Paul Quinn. Paul, this Chicken and Vegetables recipe is the best one so far on Prenatal Possibilities. Your work and your dedication to women’s health continues to impress me. Keep up the good work! And ladies check out Prenatal Possibilities, the recipes are healthy and incredibly delicious and you don’t have to be pregnant to try them lol” — Rosario, Belgium via Facebook