Paul’s Picks or Pans: Meal Kit Delivery Products

Meal Preparation Kits

Meal preparation kits have become to latest go-to craze for meals. Most of these meal preparation kits contain all the ingredients for a meal that are already portioned out and prepped. All one has to do is provide something to cook it in, and sometimes condiments like salt and pepper or olive oil. Otherwise, all the work is done for you.

Sometimes the ingredients are so well portioned that it makes exactly 4 meals or so while others have factor in making extra so there are leftovers. Most meals are made in under 30 minutes.

Pick or Pan?

Women and their families have been asking me if these products are good for pregnant women. Since most of these products use fresh ingredients that are safely packaged and delivered to your home quickly, I say YES. This is a Pick.

My suggestion to women or their families is to choose healthy options that are offered. Some meal plans can be expensive, so I recommend choosing wisely that fits into your budget.

Which product is better?

To me, they all seem equal. While they differ in prices and menu offerings, the concept is the same for each. I recommend taking advantage of any trial periods they have where you can sample the food they offer and then decide about which product would best meet your needs. Homemade food is best, so these meal kits offer a viable option to prep meals at home with your family.

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