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Pregnancy is time of infinite possibilities. There is an incredible sense of excitement, anxiety and anticipation about the future baby (or babies!) who will arrive and what a woman will be like as a Mother. More importantly, pregnancy is a time of inquiry, exploration, and discovery as women begin to learn more about their bodies, abilities, and potential. Pregnancy, then, is a time to learn and develop new habits and skills to promote health and well-being both during pregnancy and for the future.

The internet and the availability of information has been both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, there are reputable sources available on the internet that provide factual information for women who seek answers to questions about health or pregnancy. The reputable sources, however, are few. There is too much inaccurate information available from sources who are neither reputable nor experienced. Further, there is minimal surveillance or monitoring of what is posted or by whom. A majority of the information, then, is either based on personal experience, folklore, myth, or inaccurate information that is repeated through different sources.

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As a nurse midwife, I have spent countless hours listening to, and being with, women. I have heard their questions and provided them with answers that helped to make informed decisions about their pregnancies, care, or health choices. My intent is to do the same here: provide the most up to date information about nutrition, health issues, or trends surrounding pregnancy and women’s general well-being. My goal is to empower women with information to make informed choices and provide them tools or resources to develop healthy lifestyle habits that will stay with them far past pregnancy. Ultimately, I strive to create a culture of  informed women who share healthy lifestyle choices with their children, families and other women.

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This site is not just for pregnant women. I welcome men, teens, non-pregnant women, the families, friends and coworkers of pregnant women or women seeking to become pregnant to review my content and ask questions. It “takes a village” to raise a child but I believe it takes a network of friends and family to support and encourage women to rise to their full potential. One of the most powerful ways to empower women, then, is with information and education.

There are a host of websites, blogs, links, and resources available for pregnant women. What sets me apart from the others is that I come from a clinical and scientific background. I have been a nurse for close to three decades and a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) for almost two decades. I have worked in diverse settings and had the privilege to meet, care for, and interact with the most dynamic, interesting, and insightful women. Possessing a PhD in nursing, I am a scientist at heart. I have a voracious appetite for research- both performing it and evaluating it.  I get excited by innovations and advances in science, medicine, nursing, and midwifery. Moreover, I have learned how to take the most complex scientific data and explain it in a way that is concise and understandable. Research and scientific advances are only valuable if they make sense to, and are applied within, the population it is intended for.

I made a promise to the women who allowed me into their most intimate moments physically, emotionally and spiritually: to honor those precious interactions by sharing what I learned from each of them with other women or families who would benefit from the lessons that, together, we co-created. I make a similar promise here: To empower women and the significant people in their worlds with the most accurate, current information that will promote health, wellness, informed choices, and safety during the prenatal period and beyond. Join me on this journey. The possibilities are endless!

~Paul Quinn, PhD, CNM Prenatal Possibilities

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