Reflections and What’s Ahead!

My 100th Post! It almost feels surreal. What began as an idea to help use my passion for cooking and healthy living with my vocation as a midwife and a desire to work with women has become a share space where all of us can share what we know and what we’ve been through. I love this community we have created and am so appreciative for this platform, and for the power of social media, to reach and connect with so many of you over the past 2 years.

I have been blessed to meet so many extraordinary women, families, partners, grandparents, friends, and people in different communities throughout the world who share the same vision I do.

A Place to Share

I remain committed to my vision: I want to develop a place where people can come together and share their experiences culturally, personally, and professionally. Since there is so much misinformation on the internet, I chose to use my research background to thoroughly explore recipes, suggestions, and practices fully to be sure I provide the best information based firmly in science or evidence that would promote and not harm women or families.

I have felt particularly privileged to receive direct or personal messages from so many of you asking me questions you did not feel comfortable asking your health care provider or to ask through our chat functions. That’s fine! I am so happy to be able to listen and provide whatever insight I could to help guide you in a direction to more answers. I also value the hundreds of baby pictures you share, the family photos, the sonogram pictures, or the birthday pictures. I am honored, and humbled, to have become, in some way, part of your world, your families, and your stories.

Looking Ahead: A Cookbook!

There is so much ahead. First, I am happy to announce that, thanks to all of you and your request to have all the recipes consolidated into a book, I am nearing completion of a manuscript for a cookbook with all the recipes from this website!  This book will not only have all my best recipes but also some helpful information for pregnancy to guide women and their families.

These recipes were always meant to be a guide for healthier living and are meant to help pregnant women and their families; the cookbook will be something anyone who wants to cook and eat healthier and still satisfy a family or a group! You have all helped me expand my thinking and goals and helped me see beyond pregnant women to encompass the needs of a global community.

Since so many of you have shared your personal stories and traditions from your culture, I am already now working on the outline for book two to capture all the suggestions, recipes, and customs from your various cultural backgrounds that are specifically for pregnancy, childbirth or caring for families. I so excited to share what I’m learning and what the work on this book is telling me!

Coming Soon to the Site

The site will continue to grow and thrive, but more exciting features are coming too, including recommended podcasts and videos that show cooking demonstrations, techniques, and interviews with some of my expert colleagues, people of interest, and thought leaders in the world of women’s health or who impact families. I also will include more links to the other great websites, blogs, and commerce of people I believe support women and families in a positive light and promote health, wellness, and the status of women overall.


I cannot thank each of you enough for your continued support and encouragement. I may not get to meet each of your personally, but I hope that as I speak internationally, I will get to meet you and connect face to face to convey my thanks, my support, and my appreciation for all of you.

This entire body of work, however, would not be possible without the small village I surround myself with to bring it to life:

I will never fully be able to thank the creative artistry, aesthetic, insight and guidance of Tracey Molineux who has served as a technical genius, muse, and ambassador. Without her, my work and vision would never come to life. She is a true partner in this journey, and she is appreciated and valued beyond words can convey.

Lettie Conrad has been a lifelong friend and mentor who helped me launch my website, helped me put pen to paper, and has been a source of encouragement and strength to keep teaching, sharing, and growing.

Lastly, my love and heartfelt thanks goes to my biggest supporters: my Mom, Eileen,  my partner, David (and my Beagles, Maggie and Milo!), my work colleagues and circle of midwife brothers and sisters, and my Quinn, Guidice, Gilsenan and Lanni families who remain in my corner at any hour, any mood, or any project.

Great things are ahead!  With intention, joy, and purpose anything can happen. The possibilities are endless!

Namaste….and Thank You!

Featured photo by Patrick Tomasso 

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  1. Such an Inspiration Paul, you have a lot to be proud of. Keep up the excellent work, more Power to you., your friend Greg. P.S., You guys should partner with Oprah and her wellness tour in 2020. She has many daughters who can benefit from your work.

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