Many of you have reached out to ask me where a woman can find a midwife in her area. One of the easiest ways to locate a midwife is to ask your friends and family members who have used, or use, a midwife for their contact information. Thankfully, there are midwives in so many locations and they work in various roles within women’s health care. What I constantly remind women is that they do not need to be pregnant to see a midwife! Midwives are educated and experienced in all aspects of primary, sexual, and reproductive health care for women (and sometimes men!) across the lifespan.

There is also a great resource from the American College of Nurse Midwives, the national organization that influences and informs my specialty practice as a midwife. Here is a great link to use to locate midwives:

You also use any search engine (e.g. Google) to locate midwives who might be affiliated with, or practicing in, your community.

If you locate a midwife, reach out to them with any questions you may have. An informed woman makes the Best patient! Good Luck!

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