As the weather turns warmer, the last thing anyone wants to do is spend a long time in the kitchen- and sometimes grilling gets boring. You just need something with a different flavor to change things up a bit. This recipe happened for me by accident: I was looking to jazz up plain pork chops but also wanted a dish that had some kind of flavorful sauce to go with rice or some green vegetables. This recipe uses simple ingredients that come together quickly to make a great, easy meal.

The key to this dish is to use pineapple preserves or jam. I have to admit I never knew that pineapple jam even existed! Its a little difficult to find in many stores but it is available in different brands in some markets or specialty stores. If not, its easy to get a few jars through any online retailer. Since trying this recipe, I have ordered several jars to have on hand.

The ingredients are relatively inexpensive and most are items you likely have in your pantry already. The chops brown up quickly and can be made leaner by removing any excess fat. Once the chops are browned, the sauce mixes together in the same pan and is ready in about five minutes. The chops soak up the sauce and the flavor builds the longer they sit and stay warm. Pair this with some dark green vegetables, baby red potatoes, or even a small portion of long grain and wild rice or basmati rice. So many combinations work well with this dish- the possibilities are endless! Try this recipe the next time you want to change up your regular go-to pork chop recipe.

Pineapple Pork Chops

Makes 4 servings

4 boneless pork chops

Salt & Pepper

3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

1 small yellow onion, chopped

3/4 cup pineapple preserves or jam

1/4 cup white wine or chicken broth

1/4 cup chicken broth (its OK to use this additional chicken broth if you’re substituting it for wine. It will be a 1/2 cup in total)

1 tablespoon Dijon mustard

2 teaspoons fresh ginger or 1/2 teaspoon dried ginger

  1. Season the pork chops on both sides with salt and pepper
  2. Preheat a large skillet on moedium-high heat. Add 2 tablespoons of the extra virgin olive oil and cook the pork chops for about 3 minutes on each side until browned. Set aside and keep warm.
  3. In the same skillet, add the last tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and chopped onion. Cook over medium-high heat until the onions are softened and translucent, about 5 to 7 minutes.
  4. Add the pineapple jam, wine or chicken broth, additional chicken broth, Dijon mustard and thyme and stir well. Bring to a gentle boil and reduce heat. Simmer for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  5. Return to the pork chops to the pineapple sauce and cook an additional 5 minutes or until the pork chops are heated through (an internal temperature of 145-160F). The longer the pork chops sit in the sauce, the more flavorful it becomes. Serve over rice or vegetables, spooning additional sauce over the pork chops and sides.

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